Indoor Air Quality

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Having a good amount of fresh air in your home is important, especially if you suffer from things such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis, or the common cold. Leaving your window open might help a bit, but this could also affect other health conditions. Also, when it gets cold, leaving your window open might not be a viable option. With our air conditioner and furnace repairs in Edmonton, we can provide you with good indoor air quality.

You might need more ventilation if your home:

  • Has lingering odors
  • Air is stale
  • Feels stuffy

A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) might the right option for you. These energy efficient devices provide your home with fresh air ventilation while reducing the high energy cost associated with heating outside air. An HRV works by heating incoming air using the exhaust air from your home. This provides a consistent source of conditioned air to your home. To learn more about HRVs, call us today at 780-930-1936.

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