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Residential Furnace Repairs

Furnace Repairs for Edmonton Residents

A working furnace is necessary to keep your home warm in the winter. No one wants to be uncomfortable for 4 months of the year, but you also don’t want to deal with expensive equipment replacement. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be keeping your home as warm as it should be, it’s time you got furnace repair in Edmonton.

Furnace repairs are a great way to save money. They can prevent the need to buy a completely new furnace, and they can help reduce your heating bills in the winter. If you need furnace repairs in Edmonton or Sherwood Park, contact Elite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. We provide expert furnace repairs that are sure to keep you warm this winter.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Sherwood Park

The efficiency of your furnace will determine how warm your home is and how high your heating bills are. You don’t want to end up with high bills and low heat in your home, so make sure you pay attention to your furnace. There are several signs that will help you determine when it’s time to get furnace repairs in Edmonton and Sherwood Park:

  • Dry, dusty air in your home – modern furnace systems can clean the air and add moisture for additional comfort in your home. If your home feels stuffy or stale during the winter, or your indoor allergies worsen, it might be time to get your furnace evaluated.
  • Furnace constantly running – if the blower in your furnace is constantly blowing, it could be a sign that it is no longer efficiently heating your home.
  • Increasing heating bills – if your furnace isn’t working properly, chances are you’ve noticed an increase in your heating bills. Without proper repairs and maintenance your furnace will have to work harder to heat your home, leading to increased costs. Lower those costs with furnace repairs in Edmonton.
  • Furnace making strange noises – if you hear rattling, banging, popping or squealing noises coming from your furnace, it’s time to get your furnace looked at by a professional.
  • Yellow or flickering flames – for gas powered furnaces, the flame should always be a steady, bright blue colour. If the flame in your furnace is yellow or flickering, it’s time to get some repairs.

Regular maintenance will help you save money long-term on your heating bills. With furnace repair in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, you’ll be able to rest assured that you have a reliable and efficient furnace that will be able to keep you comfortable in the winter. If you’ve waited too long for repairs, it may be necessary to get a new furnace. Don’t worry! Elite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. also offers residential furnace installation.

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Elite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. offers furnace repair in Edmonton and Sherwood Park so that you don’t have to suffer through cold winters and high heating bills. If you’re tired of the expense not leading to warmth in your home, get your furnace repaired by the experts. Contact us today for a free estimate on our furnace repairs.

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