Installing a Furnace

Homeowners are tackling a variety of home maintenance projects these days, challenging their skills while looking for increased efficiency and a lower carbon footprint. However, no matter how ambitious you are, there are some tasks like furnace installation you should leave to the professionals. Without the right experience, you could easily risk injury to yourself, others, the new unit, and your home. Hiring a professional for this task is the smartest choice you can make.

Some of the challenges involved with installing a new high efficiency heating system are beyond the installation needs of a standard furnace, which involves steps like securing the gas connection. You may need to facilitate drainage for the new furnace, so that the water vapor released during the combustion process is safely ushered out of the heater. Install an exhaust venting system while some will also require a secure supply of outdoor air to the system. A roof chimney that also vents the water heater’s exhaust may require assistance the of the exhaust heat from the furnace – requiring specific settings. Finally, ensuring you have the right size furnace for your home and usage needs - oversizing leads to short cycling, which wastes energy and causes corrosion, as well as drastic temperature swings in the home. Additionally, ducts should be properly sized to accommodate the force of air generated by the efficient variable-speed blower.

On the other hand, working with the right professional has a variety of advantages. First, when you hire someone to install your furnace you get the benefit of years of training and experience that you do not possess yourself.

It is also more cost effective. While most “do-it-yourselfers” want to take on big projects to save money, you save more time and money in the long run by hiring a professional. Timewise, a professional installer won’t need to spend hours reading the instructions to become familiar with this type of installation like you will. A professional installer has a repertoire of tools he uses on a regular basis, whereas you may end up wasting money on supplies and tools you may never use again.

Then there’s the peace of mind knowing that the furnace is installed and working properly and safely – and with a professional, most problems you face are covered under the warranty of the furnace or by the company that covered the installation.

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